A unique product

Madeira Embroidery

The production process of Madeira Embroidery is as authentic as it was from the start, about 150 years ago, still being entirely produced by hand.  A very clear decision was made by the Madeira Embroidery industry to maintain and place value on the authenticity of this handicraft developed with perfection and under strict standards by the hands of Madeira embroiderers.  Today there are some 30 companies producing Madeira Embroidery in the Region and around 4,500 embroiderers that are dedicated daily to the art of Embroidery.  

The Madeira Embroidery brand is a luxury item which is valued not only for the beauty and refinement of Madeira Embroidery expressed largely in its design and in the combinations of materials and variety of stitches used with wisdom and elegance, but also for the authentic handcrafted work.  No item of Madeira Embroidery is like any other.  Each piece of work has the embroiderer’s personal touch in her handiwork of long hours dedicated to achieving its meticulous perfection.

Throughout its history, Madeira Embroidery has conquered markets all over the world.  This famous brand was first promoted in Europe, where there are significant markets including the English and Italian markets and going as far as the United States, Brazil, Australia and Singapore, among others.  Today the main export market is the United States, followed by the Italian and the English markets.